Transdisciplinary media artist & performer Chi Him Chik draws inspirations from reflections on conflicts, dilemma, and pain from personal experiences as well as social and political events, including movements in his hometown Hong Kong and the ongoing threats and concerns on human rights and freedom from China, while creating works through the combination of media, from audio to visuals, generative to compositional, fixed media to interactive art, in, but not limited to, a performative sense.

Referencing from the artistic languages of the New York downtown scene and Japan noise music scene in the last century, as well as the careers and works of the corresponding artists including Merzbow, Keiji Haino, Nam June Paik, and Fred Frith (who he studied closely with in Basel from 2018 to 2020), Chi Him oscillates and morphs between practices and identities - from musician, composer, performer, improvisor, concert curator, to programmer, improvisation machine designer, noise artist, conceptual and installation artist, and so on - combines skills, abilities, knowledges, and aesthetics from different artistic fields, explores and expands the in-betweenness, and ultimately transforms his spectrum of artistic languages into experiences which one might find strong, overwhelming, surreal, but unique. 

Chaos becomes his color, and hoarse becomes his voice.